Down By Law
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Down By Law (1991)

blue (1992)

D.C. Guns (1993)

Yellow Rat Bastard (1994)

punkrockacademyfightsong (1994)

All Scratched Up (1996)

Last of the Sharpshooters (1997)

Fly the Flag (1999)

Split w/ Psuedo Heroes (2000)

punkrockdays- best of dbl (2002)

windwardtidesandwaywardsails (2003)

Various Artists - Chairman of the Board (Grass Records) "That's Life", 1993

Down By Law/Face To Face - spilt 7" in the West X North-South Box Set (Vagrant Records) "Dag Punk", 1994

Various Artists - Keep the Beat (Hairball 8 Records) "Daily Occurance", 1996

Various Artists - Before You Were Punk (Vagrant Records) "Peace, Love, and Understanding", 1997

Various Artists - Ten Years Later (Bossa Nova Records) "Going Underground", 1997

Various Artists - The Show (Theologian Records) "Imploding Boy", 1998

Various Artists - Scratches & Needles- a tribute to the Nils (Mag Wheel Records) "Freedom", 1998

Various Artists - Go-Kart vs. The Corporate Giant 2 (Go-Kart Records) "Fight Song", 1999

Various Artists - Short Music for Short People (Fat Wreck Chords) "Life Rules 101", 1999

Various Artists - Punk Rock Strike (Springman Records) "Last Brigade" (live), 2000

Various Artists - The World Still Won't Listen- A Tribute to the Smiths (Too Damn Hype Records) "London", 2000