Down By Law
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Fly The Flag

Fly The Flag

LP and CD
Go-Kart Records

Dave Smalley: Guitar, Vocals
Sam Williams III: Lead Guitar
Milo Todesco: Drums
Keith Davies: Bass



Art Direction: Caroline Smalley
Tin Whistle on Breakout! played by Joe Cunliffe
Crazy-cool extra guitars on Automatic by Don Zientara
Backup Vocals by Brandon Witt, Mike Harbin, David Kowalski, Brooks, and Keith Davies
Photo of Dave out for a spin on Todd Tayler's Vespa, named Meriwether, was taken by Todd
Recorded February-March, 1999 at Inner Ear Studios, Arlington, Virginia
Produced by Dave Smalley and Don Zientara
Published by emotion one, bmi
All songs by Dave Smalley except Fly the Flag, Nothing Good on the Radio, and Revolution Compromised: music written by Sam Williams, words by Dave