Down By Law


I remember when we used to dream so big
And the times we laughed until we cried
Images stayed with me through the years
And your memory is music to my ears
My aperture is open wide
So thank you friend—keep burning bright
Here’s to those midnight rides
I remember all night drives and late night shows
Fists and pits and all the body blows
Come along, come along on this memory
Come along, come along and ride with me
And endless movies!


Boredom all around
In every part of town
Nothing to do nothing to go to
Sitting all alone
Staring at my phone
Tired from doing nothing
What’s up with that?
Nothing to do I’m looking
Around and around and around
No ones calling and there’s nothing to be found
Just me and my desire
In a mental funeral pyre
Nothing to see nothing to see to
The movies all are lame
And the bars are all the same
Escaping with the Doctor once again
In the streets or is it in my mind
I’m just staring at the screen all the time
Working hard all week
Too tired to even speak
Is this life or just a vicious cycle?
There’s things to do in town
But I’m a country mouse
I want it all just don’t want to leave the house

Rebrand It:

We flew and touched the sun
But we couldn’t hold it
We touched nearly everyone
But now you’ve gone and sold it
With a Midas touch you tried
But I was screaming on the outside
And all the plans we made
Just shadows in the glade
Rebrand it
Never forget the past
Rebrand it
And always show some class
Rebrand it
But that past forged this future
Rebrand it
And these words are the suture
Just killing time
With a song for my past and present too
And you know what they said
Well some of it was true
Just killing time
This made me who I am
I owe it to those roots to grow
To make a line in the sand
It’s my Alamo and I’ll be winning
The moral is real
The turntable’s spinning
Sail on sail on
Sail on yeah I’m still sailing on
The past is beautiful
But I’m not content to stay there
I carry it with me
A sacred trust
May our best days be ahead
May we smile when we’re dead
May we conquer new horizons
May we see that new day rising
May our best days be ahead
May we smile when we’re dead


Take a look around and tell me I could never know
What it is you’re saying and the way that I should go
You think it’s progress baby, but I’m not so sure
High up on your high horse, you don’t look so pure
And maybe it’s all in my mind
Like a psychedelic crime
We’re on a carousel
And I don’t feel so well
You’re like a carousel
Everything about us baby leaves me so confused
The things that warm you leave me cold and unamused
It’s a cinch that you see me as giving up the sun
But what you need to understand is
Your life’s not for everyone
You got me spinnin’
Yeah you got me spinnin’


I am the mountain
You are the breeze
This is the river that joins you and me
You need foundation
I need the air
To my destination
You were already there
And in the quiet times
When my heart beats slow
Raging seas are stilled
By your eyes aglow
And the hours fly
And the fires sing
From my mountain top
I’ve seen so many things
I am the winter
You are the spring
Icicles melting
With the warmth that you bring
I know I should fight it
Like a statue in steel
Like a moth to a flame
We’re drawn to what’s real
And that’s just alright
I walk to your light
Leave my anger behind
And color my mind
And I loosen my fist
And a smile starts to be
It’s no use to resist
When the you is the me

End Of Rhyme:

I am the man who sees the future
Everywhere I am
And I’ll share it with you
If the price is right
In your eyes tonight
I am the man who knocks down Berlin Walls
And builds a stair to nowhere
Tuned in
This is our time
Until the end of rhyme
I am the man with stencil vision
And laser-like precision
Staccato dreams
Mend broken hearts
I am the man who spits up sorrow
And drives to kingdom come
Can you see emergency
Future closing in on me


I’ve taken all the blows
I walked a different road
Walked a different road
The good was often great
And the bad was bitter fate
The bitter taste of fate
I dreamed again and again
My heart was in my eyes
It hurts to remember the when
But I remember the whys
And all my lit candles become
Just empty revolvers
Shadows that color the past
I melted in the pain
In the bitter rain
Of a bitter reign
For she who lives to hate
I’m sorry for your pain
The fury that remains
You dream in poison each day
With bank account eyes
But if God is the one that they say
I think he’ll ask you why
Black holes in motion
Stars are undone
In space I am free
In time we are one

Then & Tomorrow:

I remember the first time we kissed
Your smile lit up that whole place
Contented happy maybe even bliss
Beautiful lips on a beautiful face
So say it
Say it again
Say it again for me
Just say it
Say it again
Say it again for me
I love to relive that moment
Every single day
So don’t forget to remember
To say feel think it always
I do remember
I won’t forget
To remember where and when
But even more important than the then
Is the tomorrow
Is the today and tomorrow
And I love what we’ve created
Every single day
And your smile still lights up the room
And helps me see my way
You’ve heard of stars in your eyes
Well I see them every night


Instant infatuation
She’s on her way to the redeye crime
If you want to catch her
Then stand in line
We hang around
So much to do
The clock is ticking but not for you
Insanity call it momentary lust
No deeper feeling
I just want the healing touch
This feeling’s real
I want to steal some time
With your unique appeal
She’s got a plan and an alibi
She throws me a curve
Every time she walks on bye
She don’t care if I live or die
Just another reason she’s the apple of my...


Staring at the dude, boys
Too old to get in another fight
But there’s trouble brewing
So maybe tonight’s the night
Sometimes you gotta take a stand
Sometimes you gotta break the brand
Gotta know when to hold ‘em
Know when to run
Know when to pull your gun
Live free
Or die trying
We don’t live forever
So just ride
In a land filled with fear
Don’t let the cowboys disappear
Let’s sing it loud and clear
Like bullets, words are flying
From bullies who can’t tolerate
Anyone who isn’t buying
Their own particular brand of hate
Well I won’t march in line
I’ll push back every time
I’m colorblind and tough but kind
What happened is all in your mind
I’ll sing it loud and clear
This cowboy stands right here
And I feel the heat arise
From all the rage and all the lies
It’s time we realize
We’re never gonna be the same
And the thing is that’s OK
A different view not just one way
But you can’t order me today
Cause I’ll never play that game


You're a waste of space
No natural grace
You're so bloody thin
You don't even begin
To interest me
Not even curiosity
It's not animosity
You just don't interest me
Well, you an energy void
A black hole to avoid
No style, no heart
Yeah, you don't even start
To interest me
Not even curiosity
It's not animosity
You just don't interest me
Come on
Tell me
Why don't you tell me

Dear Fate:

Dear Conflicted Fate, I want another chance
Oh no
They say everyone gets a second chance
Oh no
It doesn’t always work the way we wish
I know
To a world where hope and fear exist
We go
To all the lonely
In our millions all alone
I will stand for you
Shine a light on this unknown
Dear Conflicted Fates, I’d like to spend some time with you
To understand why life just keeps us down or blue
Why moments in the sun are far and few between
Why winter chill comes on every day it seems
I want to fly on wings like eagles
Straight to the sun on waxen wings
When I’m in your eyes you take me
To a place that’s far away